What is a Doula?

Doulas provide emotional, educational, and physical support to not only mothers during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, but also to the family and support team. As a doula, I attend prenatal classes with expecting mothers and visit with the family in their home prior to the birth of the baby to support mothers in their journey to labor and birth so they can get the birth experience they desire.

I have not been trained to deliver babies but I have gone through an intensive training and certification program at Mother Me Doulas in Dallas, Texas.

What Does a Doula Do?

Doulas work closely with expecting mothers and their families to provide support with:
Beautiful pregnant woman at home — Counseling Service in Dallas, TX
Multi ethnic couple expecting a baby — Counseling Service in Dallas, TX
High angle view of pregnant wives with their husbands in a prenatal class — Counseling Service in Dallas, TX

  • Prenatal visits. Doulas support expecting mothers by accompanying them to their prenatal classes.
  • Labor and birth. Doulas provide care before and during labor.
  • Postpartum. Doulas support mothers for a week or two after birth by assisting with breastfeeding, caring for the baby, and helping with household chores.

Why Have a Doula?

Having a doula empowers expecting mothers through education and encouragement. It also helps reduce cesarean births, helps shorten labor, and reduces the need for epidurals and Pitocin use.

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